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S9 Text message ringtone


I can’t seem to assign different tunes to individual Contacts messages anymore but still can with their Call ringtone. Am I doing something wrong, any help TIA.

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The Samsung update is available I believe or Install Textra SMS, the latter may still be better choice...fg

I'm not sure what you're telling me to update, Tangoman65.  I downloaded the Textra app and will use that for now. Textra  doesn't seem to have the ability to let you schedule when a message is sent though so I may switch back to the regular Messages app when I need to do that (not often).


Update samsung messages (or the built in message app)through samsung galaxy updates. You can then go through individualising conversations by different tones.


Please note this is a work round not a full blown update. We still want to have notification tones for individuals. This just enables you to do it for conversation threads. 


I don't know what you are referring to as "Samsung Galaxy Updates". The only way I know of to update anything is within the (app called) Play Store. In there, in my installed apps, I don't see anything for "Messages" or "Samsung Messages" or "Samsung Galaxy Updates".  If I search in the Library tab I see various apps but they don't seem to be from Samsung so I'm not sure what they are.

Hasn't been an software update since April 14th for my s9+ (tmobile)  and there is no update available for stock messenger app in Galaxy Apps when I check, just one for Samsung Call... Under the Whats new section of that I see "Crwon new feature - quick reply on/off menu added, and call vi effect on/off menu added".  So not sure your work around is universal 


I have been using Mood messenger for almost 2 months... not as popular as textra, but it sounds like it is pretty much the same.  No in app purchases with mood messenger (not sure what Textra charges for).  I have had a couple hiccups trying to figure out exactly how mms should be setup, but it seems to be working well now.


The real solution seems like it is not going to happen.  Samsung no longer cares about it's customers.. which is fairly evident here.




That is what you should check your updates for messages in. You may have already had it and havent realised or its a steady roll out, I'm not sure. But the rest of my post should point you in the direction if the update is on your phone already. Screenshot_20180618-145306_Galaxy Apps.jpg

 This is the latest version I have. If yours is the same you should be abke to asign notification tones to each thread. 


Regards Tango.

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Thanks for the screen shots, Tango!


I found the app called Galaxy Apps but when I search for "Messages" in it, I get lots of results but none called "Samsung Messages".


I looked at my Messages app. It says version which is older than yours but it also says "latest version is installed".


I realize I'm posting on a message board that may be in the EU - I'm in the U.S. so perhaps versions are different?


Please be advised that this issue happened on the Note 8 after the update of Oreo, so hopefully the fix will include Note 8 users.

It's a Must Have Option



Hi, I'm glad to have found this forum and topic. My S7 updated a couple of days ago and I am absolutely LIVID about losing the custom SMS feature. I'm am reading all the posts on this thread to see what is going on. I was just feeling so helpless that this big company couldn't care less about it's customer's needs, especially for a key feature. Like you, I need to know when family is texting me since there are special needs folks in my family. Breath, I have to tell myself. I was just SO UPSET!! Thanks for letting me vent.



Hi, where is Samsung updates? I'm on and S7

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