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S9 Text message ringtone


I can’t seem to assign different tunes to individual Contacts messages anymore but still can with their Call ringtone. Am I doing something wrong, any help TIA.

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I thought I was going crazy... glad to know I wan't alone. Samsung, this has received enough feedback to be taken seriously. Give us a status update on this please.

Hi, I dont get why Samsung took away good features from older models and didn't put them on new ones (S8 Oreo/S9..) The best way to set individual SMS tones is to install Textra SMS. (Set it as your default SMS) - This is fully customisable. For this and more useful tips and tech help, check out 'Jimmy is Promo' on YouTube. Hope this helps, Freddie

I installed textra and got the pro version.  If you go into settings and go almost to the bottom of it, you have the option of saving all messages.  Nothing is mentioned about only saving a month's worth of messages. I got really tired of waiting on Samsung to put back the option of individual text tone messages that they took from us. 

Agree! I like the Textra but I don't like the way I have to attach pictures

Agree! I like the Textra but I don't like the way I have to attach pictures. 

SAMSUNG - This is not negotiable.  Bad enough you made the S9 SMALLER than the S7, but to remove BASIC features is deeply disappointing and unacceptable.


It's not a question of IF, but WHEN are you going to add back the custom message tones for each contact?

To everyone who is suggesting to use Textra think about why we should need to use a third party app for a basic feature that was on past phones? I for one think that we should not be forced to use an app for such a basic feature that was in previous phones. Samsung should just stop wasting time and add the function promptly.

It really is agitating now that after almost 3 years with different tones for contacts I now have one tone for messages!


Right on!

I contacted Samsung and they said they had no plans to bring this feature back to us. In my case it happened on the last OREO update. So, for now, we have to use a third party app. Not ideal I know, but even if they do bring it back, it would have to go some to match Textra...Freddie

Hi, Samsung still have no plans to return this basic feature to us. So all I can say is use Textra for now (by far the best SMS app I have used) Samsung have to give in and sort it out eventually...Freddie
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