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S9 Text message ringtone


I can’t seem to assign different tunes to individual Contacts messages anymore but still can with their Call ringtone. Am I doing something wrong, any help TIA.

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Ok. Had the latest update from Samsung overnight, oooo we have Wi-Fi protection, bixby updates but still no text message tone options for individual contacts!

Yet again we will hear " we're looking into this .... blah blah blah,  going into a newer update ...... blah blah blah " etc and nothing gets done. 

This had better be looked at very soon or there will be a lot of current Samsung users migrating to other handsets as soon as contracts allow, and I will probably be one of them. 



I will also be one who leaves Samsung. Such a basic feature. But hey... at least the stickers are cool. 


Definitely marketed to the young ones who are not in the workforce yet. 

Let's be honest with ourselves here. Samsung just don't give a rats behind about the consumer and what they want. They fob us off and have no intention of bringing it back again. I'm off once the contract is up. Bye bye Samsung from me

Yes have to agree.  Why lose a valuable tool.

Like everyone else i had unique tones for work family friends and eveyone else.  



This is *****!!!

I have just upgraded from the galaxy s6 edge to the s9+, and first thing I always do is change the ring tones and message tones to all my contacts in my phone.  I was disappointed when I couldn't change the tones to my messages in my new phone, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or Samsung changed the way you set your message tones,  so I took to the internet and came across this sites message board. And after reading all 9 pages (ironic) of complaints.  I have  surmised mostly at least to me and hopefully others see it as well that Samsung doesn't give a ***** 💩 , esespecially when they tell you to seek third party software, and the fact that early on in this forum you say that consumers voted to  omit the setting of personal message tones was the reason Samsung left it out of the software. Then later you say it was a software problem effecting only the Oreo operating systems. So which is it? We didn't drop almost a grand for lies and missing basic features. And to everyone on this forum from the tone and what I could discern from the Samsung mods texts on this forum don't hold your breath for them to fix it. It sounds to me like they don't plan on making the same mistake on the next phone, but have no plans on fixing this one. Especially if they did an update to the S8s and now they to cant set their message tones anymore. And the model just says they have passed it along to the devs, which is a brush off to try and pacify everyone. This thread was started in March I believe it was and we are almost in June, and they have had a number of updates where a lot of you posted they had a chance to fix the problem, and they haven't. You have to read between the lines. I am just lucky I can take my new phone back and get another brand. I just feel bad for the rest of you who are past your return time and locked now into your contract and see that is why Samsung doesn't care because you already bought and paid for the phone. They already have your money.  I have been a loyal Samsung smart phone user since the beginning. My very 1st smart phone was Samsung, but after reading all the comments on this thread and how Samsung has gone about handling it, i  way dueces to ya. Time to move on to something new. 

So its been a week now since I upgraded from my S6 Edge + to the S9 and the fact that I now need to have the same text tone for all texts is wearing real thin on me!!! How can something so simple yet so important be overlooked by Samsung that we are waiting for an update to fix it??

Samsung needs to give us a direct answer as to if this will be definitely fixed next update or what the schedule and plan is!

How is it that this feature was in my almost 3 year old S6 E+ put not in the new Samsung flagship S9??

Really regretting this upgrade due to this and I may go back to AT&T and see what my options are for switching to something else.

Lets go Samsung start caring and give us an actual update and projected fix for this!!

...Try Textra SMS
After contacting Samsung directly, I gave up and installed Textra
After contacting Samsung directly, I gave up and installed Textra SMS. Works fine and you can set it up the way you want. I also found a way to add your own SMS alerts as the Samsung default sounds are dull...

Thank you, I installed Textra also.  Gave up on waiting for Samsung.

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