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S9 Text message ringtone


I can’t seem to assign different tunes to individual Contacts messages anymore but still can with their Call ringtone. Am I doing something wrong, any help TIA.

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@soarsfree wrote:

Spin 360 I was using textra until I saw that message about history removal  after 1 month. 

I will try mood messenger and look at the back up setting on the samsung. Shame we have to jump through all these hoops to get something that should be standard. Thanks for responding Spin 360.  :smiling-face:

What is tetra with removing history ?? I use it. Is it going to delete my messages.?

@SachikoT wrote:

Thank you for getting in touch. Your feedback is really important to us and helps us drive improvements in our products. We can confirm that the ability to customise text tones to a specific contact is no longer available in the native Message application on our devices running Oreo. This has been a design change in this version of Samsung Experience 9.0 (aka Samsung's release of Oreo). 


We can see from this thread how important this is to you to make the most out of the Samsung in your life and have passed this suggestion on as an improvement to this new iteration of the operating system. 


 In the meantime, as a number of people have mentioned on this thread, there are a multitude of alternative third-party Messaging apps that can facilitate this functionality available on the Play Store. A few that I have tried out myself include Android Messages, Textra and QKSMS. 


- Sachiko - 


I don't see why we should have to download third part apps for such a basic function... I was one of A LOT of people in the beta programme who said how much this annoyed and how this would put people off but yet you still removed it. Be prepared to lose a lot of loyal people because of this. Myself included 

@mrskatyoung wrote:
I spent months on the beta programme and loads of us moaned about it. They basically ignored us. Don't hold your breath. There is a Google or Huawei with my name on it as soon as my contract ends. I won't stay samsung again.

Agreed. Samsung could care less.. This is my last Samsung purchase. I already gave their appliances the boot after no response to issues there. Time to cut ties with them altogether and move onto a better phone with a line that is conducive for personal and business use. 



I just picked up the Galaxy S9+ Unlocked and love the phone but then I go to do one of my favorite things and that is to set custom notification tones for specific contacts and it's missing..... gggggggrrrrrr... It's bad enough you keep removing the IR Blaster from these phones but now this. Either fix this with a software update and push it out or this phone is going back and I am changing brands to LG. I work in development and it makes no sense at all why such a simple feature would be removed or for that matter why it has yet to be fixed through an update. 


We all need this option put back in now

And no, don't tell us it will come back in the next Galaxy because that is not the answer either. Also, don't respond telling people to use 3rd party apps because your lack of detail. I just paid top $$$ for this phone and then you want to tell me and others to go use a 3rd party app because you guys screwed something up yet again? I don't think so. Not to mention I can't even beleive your telling people to do that considering any and all confidential information you may pass through SMS would be captured by those 3rd party developed apps. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb...


How many more pople have to complain about this to get you to take the hour to fix it? Every single time I give you another chance Samsung you do something stupid like this to drive me right back to a different vendor.


JUST fix the thing and push the update! :smileymad:

Exactly! We pay top $$$ for these Galaxy phones and to remove something so simple and worst yet, not listen and just push out an update to enable it again is just beyond crazy. "Oh thank you for paying top $$$ for our phone and if you want a custom notification for each contact, please use a 3rd party vendor" - Ah.... NO! FIX IT SAMSUNG!

Although I'm not supporting Samsung in this, they are only the phone manufacturer, however the software is Android so we really should be hasselling them too! Pincer movement required!

But this is a Samsung problem, not an Android problem. Proven by the fact that this feature continues to work IF you want the risk of using a 3rd party app that chances are stores every single text you have. This is directly related to Samsung software.

@Tangoman65 wrote:

Although I'm not supporting Samsung in this, they are only the phone manufacturer, however the software is Android so we really should be hasselling them too! Pincer movement required!

Unfortunately although I know your idea, samsung is the only provider to have done this in their oreo update. Although oreo is an update in itself, tech providers like LG, Samsung etc 'tweak' the updates themselves so they work with their phones etc. This is all on Samsung, no one else  

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Please Samsung, bring back Individual message tone. I was so excited to get a S9 and I was shocked you guys scratched this feature. Pleeeeease bring it back.


Well, had an update this morning. Still no change! 


Come on Samsung. This is getting rediculous!

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