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S9 Text message ringtone


I can’t seem to assign different tunes to individual Contacts messages anymore but still can with their Call ringtone. Am I doing something wrong, any help TIA.


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That is what you should check your updates for messages in. You may have already had it and havent realised or its a steady roll out, I'm not sure. But the rest of my post should point you in the direction if the update is on your phone already. Screenshot_20180618-145306_Galaxy Apps.jpg

 This is the latest version I have. If yours is the same you should be abke to asign notification tones to each thread. 


Regards Tango.

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There is an another option if you dont have update for app yet. Download and install apk manually from Apkmirror. Just download the newest one and give it a try. It works for me on S7/S7 Edge, S8/S8+ and also S9/S9+. Let me know if it helps. Regards.


Edit: ON S8 works aswell.

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I'e been trying for the last 8 hours. Found the collage app hidden away in gallery so thought this feature was hidden.

Come on Samsung surely the features from previous versions should be present on the new stuff. 

Saying that I've gone up from S7 edge and it' brilliant. The wife went from S8 to S9+ and she' happy now with no fiddling for finger print and facial recognition now works


Hi. I've just early upgraded to the S9+ from the S7 edge. On my previous phone I could have different tones for contacts if they sent me a text ie my wife had one tone, and my kids had different tones along with default tones for others so I knew who was trying to contact me and so I could reply if needed. I don't seem to have this option in the S9+ in the contacts info when editing the preferences. If this has been removed it seems a retro step for the phone. Can anyone help with this?


Same here S7 edge to S9 and really peed off that I can't assign text tones.
Come on Samsung this is my second post and no response. Are you going to update the software to add this feature

I agree I have always had IPhones and came to Samsung S9 for a change, so far not loving everything about it, not being able to assign a tone to each family member is rubbish. Do something about it Samsung


Seriously Samsung?  Why would you remove the individual contacts message tones?? That is how I know who is texting me without looking.


Please fix this!


Right now I am using a 3rd party app called CustomSMSTonesLite... and it sorta works, but not consitently.  Seriously Samsung, help!!!


Still no Message Tone ability after today's update. COME ON SAMSUNG😬😬

Use Next SMS by Handcent instead which allows this plus led colour, flashing speed and much more.

Use Next SMS by Handcent instead which allows this plus led colour and much more. Individual settings for each contact also for screen too. You need to receive a text from the contact then using the Personalisation settings you can basically change whatever you want. Change font, font colour, font size, background and much more.

Thanks for your reply however I would prefer Samsung to get there ass into gear and sort this out which judging by other posts on the website seems to be that other people want it as well.

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