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S9+ telephoto lens doesn't work in Pro mode


When the Camera app is used in Pro mode (necessary to shoot RAW files) there's no 2x button for accessing the telephoto lens. It's possible to zoom but this uses only the normal wideangle lens, so you get a digitally zoomed, lower resolution JPEG and a RAW file showing a wider field of view at full resolution. 


It seems to me this is an unfortunate omission because people who are into photography are most likely to want to shoot in RAW and be concerned about image quality. And it can probably be fixed easily by a developer adding the 2x telephoto button already present in the Auto mode to the Pro one.


If any Samsung developers are reading this, please upgrade the Camera app to incorporate this change.


If you pinch out (touch the screen with two fingers and move them apart) the picture zooms in.  Does this do what you're looking for?

No. Pinching zooms digitally, like the white button below the image. Unfortunately it doesn't bring the telephoto lens into operation.

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I've got the phone because of the telephoto lens. It's a real bummer that it's not working in Pro mode.

Are there plans to make this available?

I wish I knew. Is there anyone here from Samsung who can answer us? Currently a lot of people feel poorly treated because a software shortcoming means we can't use a hardware feature we've paid for.

Hi all.


We've sent this across to our developers as suggested and will get back to you, when we have a response.

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I try to use the Pro mode, but all I see is black. Rebooted the phone, but nothing changes. What is wrong with my camera?

Any updates on this?

Hi @VC63.


We've not heard anything so we've given our developers a nudge. Will update as soon as we hear back.

Still waiting. I really need the 2x optical raw file!

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