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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I have just been talking on a call and the speaker phone kept cutting out and then returning. Can you help?

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Bro! I have tested almost all networks here in India. And replaced 5 handsets.. but the problem is not gone. Real culprit is not the network but S9+. 

Samsung S9+ dual sim version bought directly from Samsung UK... Calls going silent for me (not on speakerphone for me- haven't tested that throughly) for a few seconds at a time randomly, but other person on line can hear me still during that time.

Many users reporting same issue:

To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.

Unless I get offered a brand new phone replacement at the same time they take this one I will be getting a refund and going to another brand.. As I find dealing with Samsung repairs department risky... Had a bad experience with my S7 where Samsung did not cover the repair of my phone as it stopped charging via USB port, they said its been damaged and hence not covered under warranty,even though I just used it normally and never dropped it.( Of course its damaged in some way, that's why it doesn't work! As after factory reset it didn't work they already knew). Be careful all, what's the point of a warranty like that

It is the HD setting for phone calls that the problem is. in the s8 there was an option to turn it off but not in the s9/s9+. The only way to make it work well is to turn off 4g and enable 2g/3g setting.

It is the HD setting for phone calls that the problem is. in the s8 there was an option to turn it off but not in the s9/s9+. The only way to make it work well is to turn off 4g and enable 2g/3g setting. 

I have the same problem, since day 1 it appears to be Samsung's problem not the network provider or fault SIM cards.

It would be nice if Samsung would respond to this issue as it appears to be maybe a software issue

Why does it happen when connected to WiFi then?

This is starting to get unbearable. I'm on my second handset and it's still happening. With both the loud speaker and normal mic. 

There was a software update last night and it's even worse today. I'm with Three network in the UK and they've told me they're getting many calls about this but have heard nothing from Samsung as of yet. 

How wide spread is this and why aren't Samsung acknowledging it? I'm so close to calling it a day with them for good. Mainly because the lack of communication from them and their store are clueless to it, I understand there are teething problems with flag ship phones but there is no excuse for the lack of communication and borderline denile.


In Greece there are many occasions with drop calls and silent periods of conversation  (s9+, the problem still persists after ARCC ota update)  

The problem is huge all over the world (xda-developers  etc)  

Samsung  please issue an official statement about this problem and at least declare that you aknowledge the defect  


I’m getting to the point of ditching Samsung altogether, Ive yet to send back my handset as I’m probably hoping that Samsung will acknowledge the issue but I doubt it .
I’ve applied the OA update and it’s made no difference, still dropping audio randomly. Most of the other posters have had replacement handsets and the fault is still present, I lodged a service call within the 30 day period so I’m hoping that I can just get a refund because the phone is not fit for purpose.
It’s sad but as I was one of the people who got burnt, no pun intended, with the Note 7 fiasco it think that’s me and Samsung finished.

I am having the same problem with both the S9s I have purchased from Harvey Norman in Perth, Australia. Calls go silent during conversation intermittently for 4-6 seconds and then come back. Also some calls drop as soon as they are answered. I have tried factory resetting, the latest firmware etc but all not working . S9's cannot record calls :robotmad: but fortunately am able to prove it by calling my trusty old Note 4 which lets me record calls.  So I now have a number of recordings from the S9 which show the silent spots.

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