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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I have just been talking on a call and the speaker phone kept cutting out and then returning. Can you help?

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The problem seems to have resurrected itself.  I have had a lot of drop outs on the last 2 phone calls I've had. One of the calls was cut out more than it wasn't.  I'm in the UK on the BRE3 update.


I just found this thread because my phone (S9+ 256GB edition) also suffer and was shocked to see that is is already 135 pages long. Does anybody know if samsung is going to seriously solve this? I can not have a decent phone call


Ok also facing this issue in my new set and it's very frustrating very disapponted


On the latest unbranded firmware there seems to be good from my tests. almost 40 min calls no dropps and silences. 


Wow, 135 pages and still no official word from Samsung!!!


Since the BRE update I hate to say this phone is virtually pointless as phone!!!!


I called someone 20 yes TWENTY times yesterday before they finally heard me!!!!!


Hello? hello??...Hello????????




Im becoming a nuisance caller!!!!


Any way the views are over 1K now on my original youtube video 


Lee? Are you there??


Still find it incredible Im a lone voice on youtube 


Shame I cant get the message out bigger like the BIG YOUTUBERS do (who all say its amazing! total joke the lot of them IMHO)



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Well, I have Galaxy S4 and after so many year every 10 call was muted. The both side can not speak and hear any sound.



Galaxy S9 call bug is since Galaxy S4


If Samsung need a prove I can send back my phone to Samsung if they want a prove or just to test the phone and reproduce this bug. By the way this was the reason that I swich to LG.


Samsung have this bug at very long time. You may thinkg that BRE fix will resolve problem , but gues what... NOPE!!!


Only one Samsung work 100% without any problems and this is Galaxy S3 owned by Trump (USA president).

The best phone made by Samsung - S3The best phone made by Samsung - S3




Seriasly I have Samsung S4 and S2. On S2 I did not expiriance any problems and not a single one GSM call problem for almost 6 years. It seems that after S3 evrething was mess with Samsung related with the GSM network calls. 


Seems that S9 is one big fiasco.


The only 100% fix for S9 is "old Nokia phone". Samsung must send to all owners of S9 a gift with free old NOKIA phone. Then you will never miss a call and never will have sound/mic problems.


S9 fixS9 fix

 CNN submit a story -




The BRE update did appear to fix the issue, everything seemed fine and hunky dory, but then last week the issue randomly popped up again on 2 phone calls I received, it was pretty bad on one of them. But since then its seemed to have been fine again, touch wood. I've had quite a few lengthy calls since and no issues. So I'm hoping the issues last week were just a one off or caused by something else.  The June update is out now, so hopefully that will get rid of it good and proper.

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I have a new update now BrF5 it seems to now fix all my phone issues including Bluetooth connectivity. BRe5 only fixed the drop calls but nothing else. This one has put my phone back yo normal.


Ard4 and bre5 worked perfectly fine for there is this new any one updated yet?Screenshot_20180630-215359_Software update.jpg



I was on that for afew weeks but am now on the new german update that gives you the option to train google assistant to say "hey google" im still not happy with this phone tbh and thats coming from s7 edge...apart from the obvious call drops the sound is really weak for notifications and on loud speaker theres a lot of crackling..just hope Android P drops soon...Screenshot_20180630-192930.jpg


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