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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I have just been talking on a call and the speaker phone kept cutting out and then returning. Can you help?

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This is not the 2nd S9 that i have had and both have had problems with the phone muting during calls. Its driving me mad. I have been emailing and calling Samsung pretty much everyday since launch date and i am still no nearer getting any resolution. Been really disappointed with both the phone and the customer service recevied. Anyone got any ideas on how to get this problem fixed? Or is it just a case of giving in and getting a refund? Thank you 


So far, been working a treat, absolutely no drops or anything, have only had another one long call since the last post, and again, no drop. Will update after my next long call. Bed time for me. Catch you guys tomorrow


I've just emailed Androidheadlines and pointed out that their numbers are incorrect and given them a link to this forum and suggested they look at many others.....I also pointed out that they have a free S9 up as a prize (perhaps they dont want to upset Samsung!!) and said that many of us think you cant give these things away they are so bad as a phone...


Excellent idea.i have emailed T3 BBC and a host of tech websites explaining the problem and telling them to look at these forums. As strangely enough not one of the mainstream websites is bothering to look into this. Must be Samsung hush money to them or something along those lines...


When I am on speaker phone I can hear the other person just fine.  I am the one cutting out.

Yes, that is correct.

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When I am on speaker phone I can hear the other person just fine.  I am the one cutting out.



My first video explaining just that {click here}


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Well, so I finally managed to solved my S9 problems! Follow the steps below for a 100% guarantee fix.


1) Sell S9 for a loss of almost 30% even though you only had the bloody thing for a little more than a month

2) Take money and buy Huawei P20 Pro

3) Make uninterrupted call for first time in a month (seems like the reps claims that it's network issues is complete bunk)


But seriously guys, the P20 imo is a good contender for the S9. Speed, quality, camera are all comparable or better. Only thing I prefer on the S9 is the UI which tbh is smoother and easier to use than the P20 Pro, but that could be because I've been with Samsung since the S4. And after a couple of hours of usage, I've more or less gotten use to it already.


Do consider dumping that sorry excuse of a "phone" and saving yourself the grief. 



So the P20 Pro is good? You'd recommend it? I'm shorty going to Argos to ask for a refund for my 2 week old S9+ as in my opinion it's faulty and not fit for purpose. Hopefully they'll give me my money back! I'll then go look at the P20 Pro at Carphone Warehouse. What is the size difference like? Does it feel as fast as the S9? Thanks.

I would. Size difference is slightly bigger than the S9 but not really noticiable. Camera's pretty good as well. You should go look at some of the youtube reviews. The battery life and camera was what sold it for me. Don't count on getting a refund, I tried but they said "We checked and the phone is fine. We cannot refund if there is no problem". Hope you have better luck wherever you are.

Argos returned it! They didn't even open the box to check the contents which leads me to believe they have had other S9/S9+ handsets returned for the same reason. Could not believe they didn't even check if there was a phone in the box! Got back to car and noticed I'd not packed the headphones away! 


Seems to be mixed reviews around the P20 Pro. Think I'll order one online so if I don't like it then returning it shouldn't be a problem.


I'd suggest everyone with this bug demand a refund, Samsung will soon notice! How they have got away with this for this long is beyond me. I've lost faith in them big time mainly due to their denial/silence over this bug. We all know they are aware and yet it seems different parts of Samsung inform users to try different things! They should all be on the same page. No amount of factory resets/SIM swaps/handset replacement is going to fix this issue. They waste not only their time but ours too because they are fully aware their suggestions will not resolve the issue. If a software fix is in the works then why not communicate that to us, the customer! Why waste our time with basic troubleshooting steps!!


Rant over. I really hope all you lot stuck with the S9 do get it resolved.


Hi there,

The same problem here in Turkey, Turkcell.

As i read it has been more than a month this problem occured. Why didn't (or couldn't) Samsung solve the issue. Hope that is not a hardware problem .

Thanks adnaan...also are you on the latest update which was 63mb or something? Or are you still on the arcc update from early arpil. Thanks
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