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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I have just been talking on a call and the speaker phone kept cutting out and then returning. Can you help?

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Okey I have donwloaded the new update, cross your fingers! But in the description it didn't mention anything about calls..

could you give the build number and the changelog? This is for 965F?

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I can confirm that 3G/2G vs LTE/3G/2G doesn't matter, the silence problem comes. First call today, 2min 36sec outgoing a 10 minutes call incoming, the problem persists. At first my settings for this SIM slot was at 3G/2G then switched to LTE/3G/2G and VoLTE enabled (Telekom Hungary can do this). Now I tried to switch off VoLTE but stayed on LTE/3G/2G and we will see. Anyone wants to bet? :smiling-face:

with which firmware are you now?

R16NW.G965FXXU1ARCC is this the firmware version? It says build number.

ARCC we have for about month and doesnt give anything. What build downloaded Sofia?

it wont make a blind bit of difference. there is something seriously wrong with a large number of phones that they have made - and the issue is worldwide on all networks. Very poor that they do not come out with a solid statement.... they keep playing the bloody adverts, so admitting there is a problem would be counter prodcutive to them i guess

G965FXXU1ARCC ? Doesnt give anything like i said
today there was the new ARD1/ARCA out, maybe people refer to this one
Now i go into my memory and could think that the update ARC5 could broke it in my phone (after the ARC5 it started to finish my calls and after the CC the silences

 Okey sorry if this is in swedish but this was my last install (today at lunch).

check the picture with description, but not in english. it should be possible to translate with samsung s9+'s camera

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