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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I have just been talking on a call and the speaker phone kept cutting out and then returning. Can you help?

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I feel your pain

Im still hoping they can fix it though
Fingers crossed

Same problem here in the U.S. with intermittent silence during voice calls on Samsung S9 and S9+ phones. Looks like U.S. customers have described these intermittent periods of silence as a "microphone" issue on the U.S. Samsung support forum:


We need a concise, consistent way to explain what's happening to Samsung. How about "intermittent audio dropouts during voice calls"?



For me after the update from april beginning, my calls drop unlike earlier where the call recovered after a few seconds of silence. This has become more unbearable. I again tried contacting samsung, same response that they have not heard about this issue.

Exit32... that formus started with voice not being audible, and eventually customers with call drop/silent zone started posting their queries

I don't normally use WhatsApp or messenger to make calls so I can't say if I have a problem with it. I mainly use Android Auto in the car and it happens frequently. 


Just spoke to a local samsung shop here in the UK and they say they've never heard of the issue ...... really ! .....this is getting to be a cover up now .

They said don't believe all these forums on the internet because it's full of people that don't know what they are talking about .....well ....I'm one of those people !




Erm...we don't have to know what we are talking about or be techie in any way 


To understand


When someone on the other end of the line


Is saying 


"Hello are you there?"


If I can get a lot more likes on my video (I dunno 500? 1000? Maybe?)


I'll send it to Samsung to show em😉


If you watch it give it a like if you have the same problem


Only 16 likes so far is not enough people with the problem that I can show Samsung 


Lee, keep up the pressure. Loving the humour :smiling-face:


I've started tweeting all the major news paper tech teams in the UK. 


Today I had a call and it cost me some business due to it dropping out. Enough is enough. 


So spoke to samsung shop and they say they've never heard of the fault , went to my o2 store where I brought it and they never heard of anyone having the issue except me and they gave me another new s9 ...that's my third !

Can't believe they've not heard of anyone

Welcome to the 3rd S9 club
Interesting to hear if this one is 3rd time lucky for you or not?

I'm toying with going for number 4 but it's all the setting everything up again like online banking etc

That's putting me off

Plus being without a phone for yet another week 😫