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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I have just been talking on a call and the speaker phone kept cutting out and then returning. Can you help?

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I had tried this, and I thought it had worked, unfortunately I was wrong, call audio is still dropping 😞
exactly, their cs sucks, headin to carphone warehouse tomorrow, maybe its only affecting the first pre order batches, like u said... phone aint fit for purpose

It does, what makes it worse is that they refuse to acknowledge the ***** issue!


I'm just glad I got it from Amazon, least that way I can get a full refund even if Samsung take a few weeks with the next "fix"

Let's us know how it goes for you on the replacement

Just got off the phone to Samsung UK. They acknowledged it to me. Which is a start... bloody late though...


Anyway they told me to log an issue via the Samsung Members app, which I've done. She said if you do that they might be able to get a fix on it sooner... 😒


They have a week as far as I'm concerned and that's generous.

i got a feelin it might be a specific batch thats affecting it,   whats urs production date and country?


mine is 24/1    made in Vietnam

Glad they have at least acknowledged it now.. I have raised a few of these "tickets" in the members app.

Let's just hope they get a proper fix soon

Where have they acknowledged this 

How do I check?


Sorry when I said they acknowledged it, I didn't mean officially, but they have to the individual a few posts back. It's a start .

Replying from my 5th replacement handset and the problem is still here... bro the complete s9+ is faulty.....! 

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