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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I have just been talking on a call and the speaker phone kept cutting out and then returning. Can you help?

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I have just been talking on a call and the speaker phone kept cutting out and then returning. Can you help?

You could possibly try going into Settings - Menu (3 Dots in the top right hand corner) - Show System App's 

Clear Data/Clear Cache from any of the Phone Applications on the device. 


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I have the same issue. Call will drop silent and then come back about 20 seconds later. Reception is perfect. Also others I know who have the s9/s9+ have the same issue. 


Happening with me too.

I went and got a new sim from 3 last week thinking mine was faulty or damaged. But it's still happening now. It's annoying repeating the same sentences, again and again. #firstworldproblems I know, but I didn't pay £860 for my phone to have such a basic issue. I'm going to Samsung store to test the phone this week when I have time.


Hi guys. :robothappy:


Is this just happening on speakerphone - and with the standard phone app? And is it that you can hear the other person but they can't hear you?

From what I recall being asked to repeat myself to friends and customers on my S9+ Handset it's mainly on speaker. That said I am in branch now and have had a diagnosis ran on the phone and the microphones are faulty. I've been offered a new handset as I'm inside 28days since I purchased the phone in store directly from Samsung. Luckily I brought the box with me otherwise no exchange... really inconvenient now having to sort out my apps and back up everything... for the second time in 2 weeks. I know I'm very lucky to be in the position to own this phone. I would have thought I would have been compensated for my time and loyalty to the brand... I wasn't. 

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Having exactly the same issue. Swapped out sim thinking that was the problem. Annoying having paid over £800 for a phone it's not performing as it should 


India - I bought three handsets - s9+. The same problem with all the three handsets. Call goes silent and then returned after 15 - 20 seconds. Tested almost all the possible solutions - updated software, changed the sim etc but all in vain. Pls advise with possible solution. 

S9+ does exactly the same, audio drops out between 5 and 10 seconds on most calls, regardless of on speaker or not . I have tried a different SIM card and it makes no difference. If this is not resolved soon I’m going to return the phone, which is a shame as it’s stunning in every respect apart from its useless as a phone !

I'm having the same problem. Several dropped calls in the first few days of using the S9+. I tried troubleshooting and changing the sim back to my S7 Edge and although I haven't since had a dropped call I am losing sound on the phone. The person on the other end can hear me but I can't hear them (this has happened directly with the phone and also in my car using Android Auto). It lasts for a few seconds and then comes back. Extremely annoying. I'm going back to Vodafone on Tuesday to look for a replacement.

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