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S9 "update". And problems with mobile data.


Traveling in Europe. UK- some problems with data. France- no internet. Belgium- no internet. Netherlands- no internet. Germany- I have data. Poland- no data. Lithuania, Latvia- I have data. Estonia- no data. Finland- no data. And yes, I have tried to reload turn on/off phone, force stop some apps. Nothing helps. I haven't any problems in these countries before. And yes, I'm traveling a lot. And no, I don't want to reset back to factory settings, 'couse it will "update" back to the same *hitty "update". Any tips, becouse Samsung customer service to busy to solve problems?


Yes, same problem in Belgium after the last update on my s9. I had this a year ago on my s9+. The solution was to force the network to 2G or 3G only. Then another update was released to fix the issue

It puzzles me that these things aren't tested especially after they happened before.


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