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S9+ Poor Battery Life


Got my S9+ today and I can watch the percentage battery life drop as I setup the phone spent maybe half an hour on it in total and it was down to 80% and thats with bluetue turned off.   Just having the always on display on is enough to drop it a few percent over an hour.   Given the rate of drop can't see it lasting more than half a day on normal usage not sure you would get an hour if you did something really intensive such as watching a video.


Anyone else experiencing such a poor battery performance?


Couldn't agree more Jimbo, for a £700 + mobile it's really sad, no, pathetic. Especially from a Giant like SAMSUNG, it needs sorted out with a  upgrade patch as soon as.. Not ANOTHER NEW MODEL COSTING ANOTHER £1000 😤😠😡

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Hi. Kinda feel you, why ? Actually my s9+ has just suffered a back glass replacement and being I'm that timing I decided to also get a new original battery replacement for the phone. The think is even before the  battery was and and, EXTREMELY POOR. Like I'm watching it draining abnormal even from doing the basic tasks. Also I'm that type of person what knows what to turn off that he's not using etc, nothing helps. I reset to factory didn't help, I wiped cache didn't help. I'm closing apps in the background but none of these help to fixing it. It just drains even for no reason. Let's not even talk about playing a game, you'll see then how fast it drains. Don't seem to find a way to fix it, I don't know if it's a software issue, was thinking to install the Android 8.0.0 to see if that makes any difference.

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