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S9 Plus Bad Video Recording Quality


Hello there.


So I purchased my Samsung S9 Plus at 10/03/2018.

All I did was testing photos and more photos until now that I tested the video recording.


I saw a lot of people sharing their videos in 4K and 1080p, etc...  I can say that I saw an impressive quality by the users who shared their videos.

So I was exciting and started to record from my S9+, but unfortunately mine where just bad, at least at night and low light.

Recording at day light I saw that sometimes the video shutters a little bit.

The front camera just seems awfull...


So I went to Samsung directly and for my surprise they said that it was perfectly normal.

So dear users, I will let here a link with the videos that I recorded so you can tell me if is it this the real quality of 4K from Samsung S9+ .


Original Recorded Videos


I didn't uploaded to youtube because people say that they are rendered and the it's not the real quality so I uploaded the original ones. 


If someone had the same issue please tell me. 


Thank you for your help.

Best regards 




Can someone share a video at night and at home with your S9 Plus so I can see the difference please?

Please someone help 😕


I took some 1080 60fps video in my house under low light and the quality is extremely bad 😞


can you share your video please.
And if it's not asking too much can you please share one recorded outside in very low light?

I'll appreciate.
Thank you! 


Anyone with bad resolution video at low light conditions? 

If yes, please share your video.


I have the same problem. I bought mine 3 days ago. At day light the camera is perfect but at low light it is soo bad. I researched that and some more people have this problem.




Glad I found this thread- I bought an s9 plus- and I noticed it struggled on focusing on 4K video, the quality was good it was just the erratic’s focal popping, so I sent it back.


Wondering if there has been a software update ?.






My problem is that in low light I have this weird bad quality when recording. 

And what I noticed too is that this happens on Exynos version.

I just need to find more people with the problem, because more people as the same problem as I know.


I never got to test at night, I was so disappointed- the work around was to drop to 1080p, which defeats the purpose of 4K.


I did have the Exynos version.


Poor very poor, so I switched back to the IPhone X.


As you can see at this video, this one of my test at night:


And you can see others at the top of my post.


I would like to see some test videos from you if you don't mind.

Do you still have the S9+ and could you share your test night videos?

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