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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look

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I just upgraded my S9 to the new Pie upgrade and I completely HATE the new look. The icons and especially the incoming/outcoming call display is HIDEOUS. I tried downloading some new themes to change the the overly colorful look but couldn't since it doesn't change the display of incoming/outgoing call.


The icons and the new look resemble to  cheap phones (no offense). But I purchased such an expensive phone because of its sharp and crisp looks and now after the update it has becoming extremely disturbing to even look at it.


I would really request Samsung to get this changed and go back to their old style of display or get a better one. This upgraded one is just horrible!!!

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Snap! Apple here w all come en-mass!

I tried to do that but the service is suddenly not available. I get constant Service error!!!

There is 'No Edge Panel.??? Just Edge lighting

Are you using the S9 @mickitx? As we've just had a look on our phones in the office and we have the Edge panels located where was discussed above. Apps > Settings > Display > Edge screen > Edge Panels.

Regarding the AOD notifications @chrism8922, could we grab a bit more info on this? We'll look into this for you.


When will Samsung fix the no video recording in Pro mode?

I have been asking for over a month with no answer.

The functionality of this flagship phone has been downgraded, why is this?

The reason i bought the S9 is because i could record video in Pro mode, now i can't. 

It also still says "take control of your videos" in Pro mode.

This is false advertising, will Samsung refund me, because this is not the phone i bought.

Hi @Simsun. This question has been asked and sent to our Development Team. As soon as we get an answer we'll be sure to let you all know.

I know @DannyT i have been asking for over a month now.

Can i get a refund, the phone does not function in the way it is advertised?

For any refunds, you would need to get in touch with the retailer. If this was purchased directly from Samsung then you'd need to get in touch with our Online Shop Team or the shop you purchased it from.

I have the S9+ and love ed all of its features, now it's just phone😭


Do you agree @DannyT that this phone does not function in the way it is advertised to?

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