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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look

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I just upgraded my S9 to the new Pie upgrade and I completely HATE the new look. The icons and especially the incoming/outcoming call display is HIDEOUS. I tried downloading some new themes to change the the overly colorful look but couldn't since it doesn't change the display of incoming/outgoing call.


The icons and the new look resemble to  cheap phones (no offense). But I purchased such an expensive phone because of its sharp and crisp looks and now after the update it has becoming extremely disturbing to even look at it.


I would really request Samsung to get this changed and go back to their old style of display or get a better one. This upgraded one is just horrible!!!

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I guess half my compliments could be fixed with a "classic Samsung theme". I get it they wanted to add and move stuff. But atleast allow the same art stile of before. 

Hell i would pay a dollar  or two. Not happly but with narcolepsy, unnecessary change anoys me. It will take me months adapted to were things are.

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Don't forget they got rid of half of the features from the settings and the spit apps they got rid of one of the features from that, all I want is the old update back
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I hate it to! Echoing what others have said, looks cheap and tacky. I want my themes back how they were. Also my aod keeps changing by its self now for some reason, my call blocker app keeps closing and that clock at the top? Put it back!!

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First thing I did after the new update: Searched on google on how to undo the new update.


Upon realizing that this would void my warranty, the second thing I did was: Began researching new phones.


The update isn't just bad. It's like you left your beautiful home to go to work and came home to find everything had been redesigned to resemble a Chonky Cheeses. And at first you're like wait, you mean Chuck E Cheese?


Nah homie. Chonky. It's like a knock off of a knock off of a ***** 


For you next update can you just pay someone to come to my house and kick me in the nuts? That would be less painful and infuriating than this trash heap you have forced onto me.



I hate you

I would also like to add that since the upgrade when I have my phone on the bluetooth in my car, the music shuts off every time I try to pick up my phone and do anything else on it, and no I am not buying that this is a safety feature of the car because I am only trying to use my phone while I am parked (with the engine off ) at my daughter's school waiting for the bell to ring, and it was never an issue before the upgrade.

I'm so dissapointed. An expensive phone like the Samsung S9+  and it's just looks horrible, childish, icons are truly horrible and the camera interface is the worst!!  Why they mess with an expensive phone is something I don't get. I'm really thinking of not having a Samsung anymore as faithful customer this is just the worst.  Looks cheap.

Also the ability to record videos in Pro mode has been removed although it still says 'take control of your videos.

I have asked for over a month now why this is and have been ignored.



I have the s9+ and recently updated to pie, I can still swipe from left to right to message or call. 

Go to Settings, then Display, then Navigation bar.  That I think gives you the options

You can't undo a System update. I already talk to them. Once is installed you can't removed it.

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