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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look

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I just upgraded my S9 to the new Pie upgrade and I completely HATE the new look. The icons and especially the incoming/outcoming call display is HIDEOUS. I tried downloading some new themes to change the the overly colorful look but couldn't since it doesn't change the display of incoming/outgoing call.


The icons and the new look resemble to  cheap phones (no offense). But I purchased such an expensive phone because of its sharp and crisp looks and now after the update it has becoming extremely disturbing to even look at it.


I would really request Samsung to get this changed and go back to their old style of display or get a better one. This upgraded one is just horrible!!!

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after update I want to sell my S9+ away. I hate the new look and its drain my battery. whats wrong with their developers? if they dont change, I'll switch to Huawei. the worst update I've seen in my life. I paid some apps (they are crash after update).

Exactly. This new update is absolutely hideous. Makes my brand new phone look cheap.

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Completely agree - ugly look and feel plus downgrading functionality. I tried to find a theme that will take me back to the slick and professional looking theme, however, I was horrfied that when I logged into my samsung account it asked to give access to almost everthing on my phone.


It seems that this is Samsung's commercial plan to make our S9 & S9+ phones look and feel cheap and remove functionality so that we upgrade to the up coming S10. I have been a Samsung user for all the time I have had a phone. I am planning to move away from Samsung forever.


same mine keep crashing aswell its awful!!!
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I completely agree, I really don't like the upgrade, it has made my expensive phone look like a cheap child's toy. I'm very disappointed. 

Just got this update on my Note 9 this morning, and it is shockingly ugly and poorly designed. I am a faithful Samsung user, and this update is absolutely terrible. Changes everything about the phone in an obvious attempt to emulate a different OS.


Looks cheap, clumsy to use. Really disappointing for a $1000 flagship with no way to reset. 


It is awful!!! I can't even get rid of the navigation bar which gets completely in the way when my son is playing games or I'm on social media. The button to drop it has vanished. The apps look terrible my notifications have even altered and I can't set them back to what they used to be. Was already on the verge of going back to Apple as the camera for selfies on normal mode and snap chat is absolutely disgusting. Now I look as though I have a phone from 2009 would expect better. Oh and Bixby....don't even get me started 

2009 - exactly.

It visually looks like the update my S5 got that made me hate that phone because it looked cheap and dated then. I thought we had left the bright bubble OS's in the past.

And the nav bar interface is unusable. I never would have bought a buttonless Samsung if this was how they worked (or looked) to begin with...

So, to summarize, I hate the colors, shapes, sizes, layout, and interface (and the two weird bars on both edges of the screen that I can't get rid of).

Also, I don't think a theme can change weither the bar at the bottom is hidden or not, I would prefer the bar got and then swipe up, Samsung needs to go back to the old update or I'm getting an iphone.


I hate the icon changes too, i liked the more realism  look, not this cartoony look. 

And now picture in picture wont work, and i cant find how to split screen.

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