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S9 not working for phone calls

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When I ring or people ring me, the person on the other end can't hear me. Microphone is working for video recording and on loud speaker. Just not on regular calls. I reset settings and it fixed it for a few days , now it's gone again and resetting doesn't work

Did you purchase from Samsung or from network provider if you take it to whoever you purchased it from they can run some diagnostic checks for you on software and hardware and find the problem

I got it from a network provider. I have seen online that others have similar problems.  It's not only that either. It is very slow to open apps, the keyboard is either over sensitive or under sensitive.  An all round bad experience to date

@Seanie: Doesn't sound good. :robotsad: Have you sent any error reports back to the software team about these issues?


(Within 15 minutes of it happening, open Samsung Members app > select Support > Send Feedback > Error Reports > Application > tick Send System Log Data, and attach a description of the problem.)

Yes sent one today. Going to bring the phone back today as well. 

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Just turn off bixby

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