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S9 G960F/DS reboots when taking/playing videos

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Good day.i am new here and i would like to know if someone here has the same issue as mine.i have an isolated case,weird rather. My s9 just reboots whenever i play ANY kind of just instantly reboots with no error.same with taking videos.but i can take pictures. This affects fingerprint scan and iris scan setup but not face recognition,i am thinking that it affects the two cause of the guide in the setup is like a video,i tested the sensors and it all passed.

Here's what i did:factory reset.wipe cache. And finally reflashing firmware. Still no luck, and by the way this is because of security update february 2019.before the update my phone runs just's driving me insane. I can even play games. You can do pretty much all but taking/playing this hardware problem?

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