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S9 Dual Sim / Hybrid Sim


I am lucky enough enough to be able to upgrade to a S9 and wondered if there are any drawbacks to having a dual sim. I understand that i have to remove the SD card so those apps and data won't be available, but unless there are any differences I can't see why Samsung produce two models at the same price 


My concern is that a dual sim runs a different version of the OS so may be slower in getting updates or Android P.


Anyone got first hand experience? 


I do occasionally travel overseas and carrying two phones is a pain  






Pleased it worked! I didn't have to do anything with O2 for VoLTE. Perhaps an online chat with EE will sort it for you.



Can anyone confirm the dual sim model number required for the UK?  Want to make sure I don't purchase a version designed for other areas of the world when buying online as there appear to be many places cheaper to get the phone than direct with Samsung.


Mine is SM-G965F S9 Plus Hybrid SIM and it came from Samsung UK. The problem you have is that it's not the model number but the ROM software . Phones from Hong Kong usually are a few hundred pounds cheaper. But they won't have the ROM to make everything work. Like Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Volte calling etc. You pay your money and take your choice . I have bought phones from Hong Kong before, had an S8 Plus before this, but paid more because I wanted the correct software. 

Thanks for the info on the ROM software wasn't aware of that. What is the ROM software version that comes directly from Samsung (ie definitely good for the UK).

To be honest, the only way to be certain is to ask the company you're buying it from if these things will work. That way you'll  have a reason to get your money back if it doesn't.  But I think it very unlikely you'll get the right set up from any Hong Kong or China based reseller. Some things you can add the apps yourself like Hiya from Play Store for spam id on calls. But don't think you could get the Samsung apps to run on it as their phones aren't meant for the UK  


Hi @rpwf1


Dual SIM models are only available directly from us (Samsung Shop or Experience Stores) within the UK. If you purchase one from a third party retailer, it won't be a European model.

I'm hoping I can get the S9+ Hybrid on the Upgrade Program... hopefully I will see in 3 weeks when my 12 months is up 🙂

The only problem with Wifi Calling on my S9 is that it works only when data is on for the card. Which doesn't have sense in my case. I have 1 EU SIM and 1 non-EU SIM. When I'm outside EU I use SIM2 for data but then Wifi Calling doesn't work for SIM1. It kills sense of Wifi Calling for me.


Hi All


I have a dual sim version of the S9+ and have O2 sim in slot 1 and Vodafone sim in Slot 2.


With 4G enabled for O2, I get the WiFi calling option on the drop down settings menu, but as yet not been able to kick in a WiFi call.. Even when showing 1 bar of signal then call appears to revert to the full strength 2G/3G signal.


When I enable 4G for, Vodafone I don't even get the option to enable WiFi calling.. 


I know that both the O2 and Vodafone accounts are wifi enabled as I can get WiFi calling working if I take the sim cards out and fit them into my old iPhones..


Are there special APN settings that I need to apply for Vodafone..? 




I have a S9+ .  If you go to SIM CARD MANAGER and scroll to the very bottom it says "DUAL SIM always on. receive calls from both sim cards even during call" I think that says it all.

Someone was also wanting to know emails and WhatsApp abroad I spend 2 or 3 months at a time abroad . with a single sim phone, if you use  a local sim and have  the shop install the local internet setting you will have a local sim for cheap calls and you will have your emails and WhatsApp as if you where in the UK   . emails and whats app use your phone ID  and not your sim. when you get home just put your UK sim bach and it will work as if have never been away.

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