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S9 Dual Sim / Hybrid Sim


I am lucky enough enough to be able to upgrade to a S9 and wondered if there are any drawbacks to having a dual sim. I understand that i have to remove the SD card so those apps and data won't be available, but unless there are any differences I can't see why Samsung produce two models at the same price 


My concern is that a dual sim runs a different version of the OS so may be slower in getting updates or Android P.


Anyone got first hand experience? 


I do occasionally travel overseas and carrying two phones is a pain  






I've got wifi calling enabled for my O2 SIM which I did through the My O2 app  I haven't had the settings for it sent through for my 3 mobile SIM though. The 3 app won't allow it done from there as I got the phone from Samsung and not them. 


Thanks for the info, and just to cobfirm you are using DualSim handset?


I am planning on using EE UK as their WifiCalling apparently is active anytime you are on wifi network.

Vodafone UK only use wificalling when signal is at 1bar or less.




Yes. I'm using O2 and 3 at the same time


Have a S9+ dual sim,  EE in the UK and WiFi calling works fine for me. 


Bought phone directly from Samsung so unlocked, used existing sim card from previous phone with no issues  




Just to put your mind at rest you can see it enabled in the settings 

Thanks, just about to ring to local store to see if they have stock.

I'm looking to buy an S9 from Samsung direct, but...


I understand phones bought from samsung direct typically won't have network-specific things like VoLTE enalbed (which are installed onto phones already if you buy them from networks such as EE).


Does anyone find they miss these network-specific things such as VoLTE?


I have a dual SIM S9 Plus and both Volte and Wifi calling are enabled. As I said in a previous post on here,  is more you did with if your network allows it on a phone not bought from them. O2 does and you can set it up on the My O2 app. But it works for the SIM 1 onlyScreenshot_20180402-175039_Phone.jpg


Screenshot_20180402-174959_Mobile networks.jpg



You can see the wifi calling symbol at the top of the picture. Someone else was going to use EE I think but not sure if he was doing it through their app or if he had to contact them. 


Hey thanks for the information on Friday. I made the trip to the nearest store on Saturday and purchased the S9 Hybrid durectly from Samsung. I placed my new EE SIM (New SimOnly contract) into the phone.

The WifiCalling setting was already visible in the phones settings and when enabled I was able to use wificalling successfully (Tested with Airplane mode, and then turning only Wi-Fi on)


As for the recent post about VoLTE, I am unable to see the setting for it, so it appears that it may need EE to do something, or may never work.




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