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S9 Dual Sim / Hybrid Sim


I am lucky enough enough to be able to upgrade to a S9 and wondered if there are any drawbacks to having a dual sim. I understand that i have to remove the SD card so those apps and data won't be available, but unless there are any differences I can't see why Samsung produce two models at the same price 


My concern is that a dual sim runs a different version of the OS so may be slower in getting updates or Android P.


Anyone got first hand experience? 


I do occasionally travel overseas and carrying two phones is a pain  






They'e not all dual sim. You can buy a dual sim direct from Samsung. 

I have ordered a S9+ HybridSim and should have it this weekend. I have two UK sims already so will research that fact and reply back as soon as I can.

For me, not sure its 100% the best option as if I am travelling and have a local sim, my regular calls can still come in cost a packet. However, whilst travelling to Morocco and Brazil I used some clever call forwarding to my Skype number and used the local sim card for data that worked well.

With the S9+ having 128 mb i can see all of my important apps and data will be internal so switching sim to memory card shouldnt be an issue.

Look forward to receiving it and reporting back.

One note though, the HybridSim does come with a different firmware to single sim so will be interested to know if firmwar updates and Android 9 / P will be released at the same time....

If u look on YouTube there are workarounds for 2 Sims and extra storage. Ive not tried it yet though. Might do with an old SIM 


Both phones work all the time. Only one can use data at a time. It works great for me for that reason. Choosing which phone to call from and use data from is easy.


Hi. You say they can’t both work with 4G at the same time. Will both sims be able to receive calls and texts at the same time ? Thanks


As Madmum says, you should be able to use both sims but only the data from one of them which ist logical

I have been playing around with my S9+ hybrid sim and it is superb.


I have put in my normal 3 contract sim and a new Vodafone payg sim and it is all very seamless and well implimented. You have full and easy control over which sim you use for everything and it just seems to work. The Three website has dire warnings that their sim will not work if it is not the primary sim, but that appears to be wrong, it works whichever you choose as the primary sim.


Losing the sd card is not good, but it is manageable now the base memory has doubled.


This adds so much flexibility, what is there not to love!


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Does also anyone know if it matters when the phone is manufactured in vietnam instead of Korea and if there is any kind of differences between the phones in Europe and other countries around the world? Are the dual sim phones only available in Europe?

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If you have S9 plus dual or hybrid sim, can you confirm if both sims are active at the same time?

Also which model number is that ?


Does anyone have Wifi Calling enabled on their hybrid?

I know that the network need to push settings down to the phone if you do not buy it directly from them, but not sure if the dual sim feature will interfere with this.

I am looking at getting a Samsung S9 Hybrid, but really need wifi calling to work as signal is not good on most networks where i live.



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