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S9 Dual Sim / Hybrid Sim


I am lucky enough enough to be able to upgrade to a S9 and wondered if there are any drawbacks to having a dual sim. I understand that i have to remove the SD card so those apps and data won't be available, but unless there are any differences I can't see why Samsung produce two models at the same price 


My concern is that a dual sim runs a different version of the OS so may be slower in getting updates or Android P.


Anyone got first hand experience? 


I do occasionally travel overseas and carrying two phones is a pain  






Ah I see, yeah, that makes sense now! 👌👍😃


Ive had an s8+ dual SIM since September and it's fantastic. I love the way that everything is integrated. I looked at getting something to add an addtional SIM to an iPhone but the problem is the 2nd SIM is always part of an app and so looks and works differently. The dual SIM way is perfect. I'e ordered an S9 now that they do dual SIM on the smaller handset. 


You won't regret it!

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It is is not 'Dual Active".

Until then it is not that practical.

Are u sure? With my s8 both are live at the same time. In the sim manager u can set what u want to happen should one sim ring whilst on the other line. It also works perfectly well when connected to the car via Bluetooth. 

No I am not sure but my understanding is that 99% of Dual Sim card phones are Dual Stand By today, not Dual Active.  You may want to research that and post back your findings. If it is Dual Active I am really interested but then why would Samsung not brag about it. It is the holy grail. Everybody would want that capability in their phone. Here in the US I would have to buy an international version of the phone. Right now I have to carry 2 cell phones. As they get bigger and bigger it gets more inconvenient.

I'll let u know once the s9 turns up but the s8 is definitely dual active mate and it works seamlessly. In the UK you can only get them direct from Samsung though. The mobile shops don't stock them. Mine runs EE and Vodafone both live at the same time. 

I agree. I've used my Note 8 in the UK with 3 and O2 running at the same time and O2 with Vodafone Australia when away. No  problems at all with texts, calls or both WhatsApp accounts  

But you lose the ability of using the memory card right?

I dont why Samsung is not advertising Dual Active.

On the Note 8 too!

So the Note 8 is dual Active too?

It replaces the card storage though right?

Yep. As someone said before, you take your pick. 2 sim cards or 1 and the sd. 

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