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S9 Dual Sim / Hybrid Sim


I am lucky enough enough to be able to upgrade to a S9 and wondered if there are any drawbacks to having a dual sim. I understand that i have to remove the SD card so those apps and data won't be available, but unless there are any differences I can't see why Samsung produce two models at the same price 


My concern is that a dual sim runs a different version of the OS so may be slower in getting updates or Android P.


Anyone got first hand experience? 


I do occasionally travel overseas and carrying two phones is a pain  






I have a Note 8 dual sim. I have used Dual sim phones for about 4 years. I had an S8 Plus single sim. but have never noticed any problems in speed or performance with the Dual sim. With the Note 8 the added bonus is running 2 versions of apps like 2 WhatsApp accounts from the one phone.  Very handy when away.


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Hi there,

Been using dual SIM for many years.  The hybrid SIM disadvantage is that it functions as SIM and storage card slot and you would lose the storage if SIM is desired.

Other than this factor, there is no other disadvantages.  

Naturally, both SIM cannot function at 4G state at the same time.

Do we know if the additional SIM means a smaller battery? I can't imagine it woudl thinking about it... it's so small!


Do we know if the additional SIM means a smaller battery? I can't imagine it woudl thinking about it... it's so small!

No,  the 2nd sim replaces the memory card.  You can interchange them at will using the cradle

Ok, thanks for that.

I thought that you have both sims operational and have two numbers on the go which is half the point.

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Hi mate, the hybrid (dual SIM) version means you could either utilise the phone to hold a second SIM card OR a memory card. The single SIM version of phone does not give you the choice, it is purely one SIM, one memory card. All other specs are the same so hybrid everytime for me purely for flexibility!


Hope this helps :smiling-face:

Great answers. Im thinking if getting the hybrid sim s9+


I have as well as my s8, the lgv20. It's dual sim PLUS sd card slot. 


That was needed as it's just 64gb storage but the s9+ is 128gb so although I loose my memory card, I can use my spare SIM and still have loads of room. 


My question is however, why does Sammy make single sim an option? 


Why not just make every phone hybrid. 


You don't lose the memory card option, you can either put an extra sim card in OR a memory card, you have the choice of one or the other in the hybroh version.


I have no idea why they have the different versions though!?

The network carriers don't want dual sim phones. They want you tied to their network and only theirs. The phone makers want as many networks as possible as an outlet for their products so they'll supply single sim to keep them happy. 

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