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S9+ call volume low


Received the S9 today still setting things up but noticed the in call volume very low. 

I have the call volume up of course......


Anyone else have this issue? 

Same here! 😔😔😔

I didn't think anyone else could be as dumb as I am, lol

I got A1 sauce in mine and have been having problems so i tried this and it worked immediately! Thank you

What did you do to fix it?

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I had the same issue. Later on, I figured out that it was the speaker been blocked by melted chocolate. It happened when I put chocolate in my pocket where my S9 was there as well. I turned off the phone, cleaned it using damped cloth with clean water. The volume is back!!!

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Yes ive noticed now i need to use my speakerphone to take calls and my phone is relatively new . Tried everything to no avail . Any luck with a fix ???

I'll be returning my 2nd S9 for girlfriend today. In call volume barely audible. Talked to an intelligent tmo rep/tech support after signing in with a new similar and he thinks possibly it's something to do with the backup software after installation. Lasted 2 weeks on the 2nd phone and then in the middle if the call, bam, the volume dropped.

Only option is to do all new install instead of from a buckup/restore. 

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Did u find a fix?

Yes it was a screen protector covering the hole . Just changed the screen protector work's fantastic now !!

Same thing happened to girlfriend. 3 phones later, after talking to a knowledgable tmo tech, we figured out it was the backup. No problems since fresh install.

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