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S9+ call volume low


Received the S9 today still setting things up but noticed the in call volume very low. 

I have the call volume up of course......


Anyone else have this issue? 


Created an account just to say thank you! This worked for me. I tried rubbing alcohol, toothbrush etc. and nothing worked! Tiny sewing needle, poked each hole and boom, volume is super loud again! 

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My call volume  is low , I have the volume turned up to high, but still having a hard time hearing the other person

Volume perfect again, cheers.

Hi @JonahN86  Can I confirm if it was the sewing needle that sorted the volume out on your device.    Some customers have found checking the Accessibility options , specifically the Mono Audio  provided a solution.  By Going to Settings, Accessibility- Hearing enhancements- Turning Mono Audio On.   However seems this does not work  universally.

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Yes I've had this problem for approximately 2 months. I'm so tired of it. And now out of nowhere I'm finding my in-call volume is on, which it only comes on if I'm on a call, so as stupid as I feel this sounds someone/something is using my phone. At first I thought it was just an app but when I say something like "why is my in-call volume on when I'm not on a phone call", then it all of a sudden goes away. I've been waiting for the s21 ultra to come out to get a new phone, and I've never cared for iPhones but seriously thinking about switching. 

Were you able to resolve the issue? I'm having the same problem.

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