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S9 Beep while charging

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Brand new s9, wakes me up while charging usually around midnight. Im assuming its telling me it's full charge but it won't stop unless I unplug the charger.   This is very annoying, making me wish I would have went with a different phone.   I haven't tried do not disturb because my job may need to reach me in the middle of the night.   I have tried to disable most sound  notifications but to no avail.   Any help?

Otherwise I'm headed back to Verizon to get a different phone.   




It started for me with the last update a couple of days ago.  I have spent hours trying to find a solution and there's none i can find.  From my searches it seems that this has been a recurring problem since at least 2010, so I'm not hopeful of a fix from them.

What also narks me is that whatever is triggering the sound resets the notifications and system volume settings to max when I set them to less than max, so I can't even turn the volume down.  Even if I mute the phone it turns it back up to max and it means I can't even take it into meetings.

I also hate the new UI they pushed on me with that update, I can live with that but the beeping is driving me insane.



eta:  I finally worked out what was doing it - it's an IFTTT service that unmutes my phone when I return home - by the look of it the max charge is triggering it and so everything is being reset.



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Have you tried changing the charger? My phone kept doing it until I decided to change it and it started working again. The noises are the sound it makes of it losing charge and regaining charge. I have an s9+.

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Have you tried Settings/Sounds and vibration/System sounds and vibration and then toggle off Charging sound.

The only setting I've found that can turn on or off the battery fully charged notification sound is in settings/apps/show system apps/system UI/notifications. Even though the battery full notification settings is greyed out I can tap on it and change the notification style to silent,sound or silent and minimized. It was set originally as silent and I changed it to sound so I would hear the battery fully charged notification when I'm working on other things nearby.


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