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S9 - Autocorrect works horribly after update

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I believe it was the June update that started this. I have seen threads about predictive text not working but I'm finding a different issue. My autocorrect just seems "stupid" now. 


It seems to base it's autocorrect off the first letter of the word, even when that is ridiculous. 


For example, I type "roday" instead of "today" and it's options are "Roddy" and "roda". Or I type "qell" instead of "well" and the options are "quell" and "quill". It will also automatically autocorrect to those instead of letting me change it to "well".


Before the update, it worked fine. It would autocorrect to the obvious word choice the majority of the time. Anyone else noticing this? 

Yes, i am also experiencing this...its so stupid!! growing to hate this device of late
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