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S9 album sorting

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In my gallery in album view it displays a couple of albums at the top (usually recently used or created albums) and then below it has a "more albums" section, which is displayed alphabetically. Is there a way to disable the recent albums and just display them all alphabetically? I hate having some albums displayed separately from the rest.

Hi @Joet7287

It isn't possible to remove the Recent Albums option I'm afraid. As a useful workaround you can click on any of your albums, swipe to the right and this will display all your albums down the left hand side of the screen for easy access. Hope this helps.

This is the most stupid and usless update I've had on my S6 edge, i don't get why we can't have an option on an unnecessary and annoying update imposed on us, ive used the phone for years and preffered the old sorting order. Sadly Samsung feels a need to change everything including stuff that is perfect the way it is now.

Take a look at THIS


I've used it for years - it's not perfect but id does give a number of sort options and to hide individual albums.


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OMG I created this account just to complain about this issue. This segregation of our albums is just foolish. C'mon Samsung, listen to your users.
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The ALBUMS tab operates as follows. In the main section at the top you have system created albums, apparently non-alphabetically arranged, followed by alpha-sorted albums which are the subdirectories of the /sdcard/DCIM folder, and then under MORE ALBUMS, the alpha-sorted albums collected from image-containing-subdirectories anywhere else on the phone other than the DCIM directory. Thus, the only way I see to get rid of the MORE ALBUMS section is to move all of your  image-containing-subdirectories into the DCIM directory. P.S. System albums (camera, screenshots, downloads, my emojis -- which is the (possibly date-created) order they appear on my SM-G960U) can be identified because they will show up as grayed out under the 3-dot menu's Hide or unhide albums option (because apparently, FYI, you can't hide them). P.P.S.  And my following rant is 'payment' for my contribution (plea to Mods to let it stand!). It is a broken business-customer model that seeks to profit from the extreme frustration of the collective customer base. Because googling failed, GS9 User Manual failed, Samsung tech-support chat failed (big time waste), and my carrier tech-support call failed (but they were cool & tried hard), I finally figured it out for myself. My above contribution to crowd-sourced tech-support cost two hours of my time where I was angrily all the while aware that I am a paying customer who was placed into this position most likely by a direct decision from Samsung management meant to enhance Samsung's profits at my expense. I hope the day comes when consumers wake up and fight back against what such companies, especially Google (Alphabet), Samsung, and Micosoft, are doing to us and I hope it can happen before they psychologically rule over us via invasive data collection such as Samsung's Customization Service that stores and data mines my call and text history and has my fingerprints, facial measurements and iris scan. Rulers like Machiavelli, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mussolini, HRC, would never lose power if they could wield the information any one of these companies has, and since Google and Apple have a net worth that surpasses all US cities except for New York and LA, we ought clearly worry about CEOs and their boards of directors in addition to our politicians at every level. If you don't understand what I mean by psychological rule, then, from my past three years in Beijing, consider the following: a behemoth like Ali Baba combined with the fact that China funnels ALL Internet traffic through three chokepoints for 100% monitoring and filtering; people will not even know they've had the words Tiananmen Square deleted from their communication (because it's not reported on the sender or receiver side); no one under the age of 25 can identify that famous picture of the student standing in front of the tank; how everyone on the world stage thinks China is reasonably trustworthy and maybe, for the current moment given its current rulers it is... for the current moment.

I have an s8, same issue. Real easy fix.


Hold any album until the selection feature kicks in. On the right hand side there will be a couple lines signifying a move up or down option. Simply move the album up, or down, out of the "more albums" category. Done.


Stupid, yes. But easily solved. There should just be an option to disable it.



Strec... You are insane. Chill out. BTW, all my albums are in the DCIM folder. Is your whole house free of electricity and covered in aluminum foil? You remind me of Chuck from "better call Saul" - in his madman won't leave the house state. Get a life.

Hi 3%,   you are a genius!    thanks for an easy solution for sorting Albums in my S10e Gallery.   Cheers, Greg.

This used to work as a "work around"- but it seems the new software update (in April 2019) has completely negated this ability. All of my albums are saved on my SD card in the same folder, but they are not in any particular order when viewed in the Gallery. I even tried creating a new folder on the SD card and moving them all there at the same time to see if I could get them to go into alphabetical order, but that didn't work either.


Anyone else have any suggestions? Samsung???????? This is really annoying!! I have a TON of albums- both for personal and business use and it is really difficult to try and find what I am looking for in a reasonable amount of time!

yes thanks... got it using your info... was driving me crazy, on s9 have to long-press and hold the right chevron-thing down,  then slide the greyed line to where you wanna go... great thx 3%... and yes that other strec clown or whatever is on planet-lala-loon.

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