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Remove Microsoft products from my phone


How do I completely remove these Microsoft products from my phone? Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive have no place on my "Android" phone.

You can disable them. Free up some space then forget that they're there. I use word and Excel i find them useful.

L0L @Woody 

Best joke since 1.April 

He was asking about remove this product 

Please read the talking point before u comment the Thread 


All ways are  possible to make Samsung great again . 

It's not Pixel or fruits Phones 


@DeVN00ll haha

I hear ya . I was cringing while writing it.

Guess you'll have to down the root route then. Good luck ol chap. 


Like the way u write 😈


No mate  it's not root methods  .. 

On the new phones since S6 to the recent 

u don't need this obsolete method anymore . 


 Party at fault  of all this disaster is ***** google with his Android 9 aka Vista who makes error terror on all Phones .


It's a global issue 

Samsung , LG,  Nokia and many more Brand's , even Huawei have problems to get this fixed 

But if they fix something they will not get the approbation to deliver it to the customers 


Google is the new fruit  

It was very tiptoeing 




Very disappointing that they would install this Microsoft rubbish on my phone with no option to remove it. User choice was what attracted me to Samsung line of phones and the Android OS. When it gets to the point when you are looking at rooting a phone to remove unwanted and annoying features it’s time to give it away.

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You can uninstall updates , then u ll be more free space because they ll be less than 1mo 

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