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record button is missing in pro mode camera application in pie version. previous firmware had the record feature on food, pro, etc but now its not there anymore. i am really angry upon this. please bring back the record button on the pro mode. makes no sense ro remove it!

Bring back our record button in photo modes! Terrible update.
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I also contacted their support regarding this issue but automated generated message saying reset your device lolllzzz

can Samsung team please give us an update..

It's really sad. I searched this and saw comments from Samsung one UI feedback about this same issue back in late 2018 during preview. Samsung didn't address it then and just rolled it out...

Now what, We need our Video Pro mode back SAMSUNG TEAM

We hope that we can see an update so soon.


Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All,

I have been tracking this since December and to me it looks like a global decision to remove it across all devices.

Even S10+ demo units in Samsung stores have this same useless stock camera app not capable to record pro mode videos as of now. :shocked-face-with-exploding-head:


Truth is that we had to use stock camera app mainy because Samsung doesn't allow 3rd party apps like FiLMiCPro to gain full access to camera hardware. For those wondering as of now FilMic is still buggy as hell on S9+ Exynos but with Pie it at least lets you to switch aperture. (still not possible to utilize the Telephoto Lens)


Dear Samsung when are you finally going to provide an official statement from your product management team ???

Regards Martin


#DoWhatYouCan't ProModeVideo




Hi all.


I've posted an update in this thread.


It's best to keep stuff like this issue in a single thread, so I'll close this and other related ones, and keep the above one open for you all.


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