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Recent app button disappeared

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Hi, my recent app button has gone and I would really like it back. I miss it. Don't know if it's anything I did, or how long it's been gone. I'm on an S9. Please help. Thanks 


I got the exact same issue too but need the Secure Folder and it is quite annoying! Did Samsung not check this before pushing out the Android Pie update? The secure Knox folder is one of the main features of the phone after all! When will this be fixed?


Agreed. It is annoying, but it does not brake the functionality though.

So still usable until it is fixed by Sammy :smiling-face:


It seems that the secure envoironment is not handling well the phone going to sleep mode.

If I lock the screen, while in Secure Folder, when waking up the phone then sometime I get this ssue.


Anyway, let's hope Samsung will fix this in futures releases :winking-face:



Same issue here. Pressing home button on login screen of secure folder temporary do the job, but need to do that many time. Less then ideal solution 😥 


It's disappointing this issue has existed for several months now without a true solution by Samsung. Updated my note9 edge yesterday and have since regretted doing so  

The workaround to fix the issue is only temporary and I've had to do that more than 10 times within the last hour! This is totally unacceptable. And it also affects my edge screen as its button also disappears on occasion  


This is the first time I have been disappointed by Samsung. I have used Galaxy phablets from Note 1 onwards, but this time, apart from above mentioned issue, there are friequent hangs and bugs. Planning to shift to iPhone. 

Don't do that. Why to lose a better screen? A better battery? A lot of apps and things which can make you phone how you want. Why to don't have your preferred ringtone or apps/games? iPhone it's very annoying if you want to switch. On the Android the people are the administrators of the phone, not the phone for user... On the Android you have Google Assistant if you don't like Bixby. Sorry for my English mistakes but you really want an iPhone? To lose all the regular things you do now...

That's true. But i am fed up with the bugs and frequent hanging. Now it is  quite annoying to use My note 9. Reset is also not doing the job. Battery life is also subpar, but can bear that part, can charge it twice a day. I do not want to leave android, but if Samsung do not refine their software then people may not have much choices. I have not used iPhone, but my friends using one are happy.

Are happy beacuse they don't know how it's with an Note 9😂

Dear Samsung,

It is very disapppointing the time you taking to solve this issue!!!

I have a note 9 and when the bug start you almost cant use the phone for more than a minute!!!


Your friends may be happy, but probably bored out of their mind. I had an iphone 4 years ago, first and last.

If you like Android, try a OnePlus 6T. Fast as hell and no crud.

I was debating whether to buy either Note 9 or OnePlus 6T.   The Note won because of the S Pen ( I had a Note 4 ), but it was only after I had bought it that I remembered all the unwanted crud that Sammy puts on their phones.  My OnePlus 5 is virtually pure Android, so if you want an app, you have to download it. Which is how it should be.  Also the OnePlus 5 is virtually the quickest phone to unlock with fingerprint, even now.  And just over half the cost of a Sammy. 

Re the Recents button going awol;   it certainly disappears when you are messing about in Secure Folder. But a tap on the back button and it is there again.  When phone updated from Oreo to Pie, I did a factory reset.  It clears out Oreo clutter to make Pie work as it should-hopefully. 🙂

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