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proximity sensor

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Galaxy S9 plus    . check the proximity sensor  ?


Hi @ariann


If you want to check your Proximity sensor head to your dial pad and call *#0*#.

Then click on 'Sensor'.




what is proximity sensor 


Hi @innisfill.


The proximity sensor on your phone detects when the phone is close to your face and closes the display on your phone to avoid accidentaly touching any of the available keypad options and also to save battery life.


Hope this helps.


I ran the diagnostic but how long g is it supposed to take? I typed *#0*# and it just kept going.


I searched for the proximity sensor on my Samsung S9

and found this thread. I see that the sensor must be located on the left side of the earpiece, between the volume buttons and the earpiece. 


My question is, isn't that sensor too sensitive or my phone is broken??  I have to maybe return it then


I used the system sensor test(above) and when I put my thumb about 3/4" over the rifhr side of the phone, the screen turns green and vibrates .


Recently I've been picking up my phone a lot of times to find it with the warning message"your touchscreen sensor is blocked, press OK to use the phone " . That is way more than my earlier Samsung .


It must be that it's detecting some objects nearby. 


Used a Speck rear/sidi cover on both my old and new Samsung S 


I'm having the same problem. When I Type in the code *#0*## my phone instantly gives up a menu, When I push Sensors, it turns on a program with a green ,vibrating screen, showing the names of different Sensors all running like a stopwatch with more little buttons to push that gives you more numbers. All of my Sensors are running like crazy except the Proximity Sensors which are doing nothing. Can"t find any switches or buttons to turn it off or on.

Any help out there?

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