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Pro mode video recording is missing on Android Pie for the Galaxy S9

okay i just got the android 9 update and i just notice that problem ! , i hope i did not upgrade to one ui !
please fix that soon im samsung user i don't want that look alike iphone camera

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And sorry about the double post  - fat fingers 😉

Finding myself on a daily basis being discusted with the behaviour of big bussiness towards their customers and the way we are treated like dirt and just walked over I have now submitted a complaint to the Citizens advice consumer services and would suggest other UK users do the same. I bought this phone because of its Pro video capabilities to produce amateur videos and vlogging and Samsung's couldn't care less attitude to us as consumers is diabolical. If you purchased a three piece suite and 1 year later the shop turned up and said we are taking one of the chairs back with no compensation, warning or discussion it would be theft but because this is online and software Samsung think they can just do what they like and get away with it, well you can't Samsung.

#samsungthieves #cameradegradatephone


Why am I able to download the FREE 'HD Camera Lite' from the Play Store and have control of ISO, WB, shutter speed, bitrate and manual focus? It suggests to me that this is not a technology issue at all, but if it is, the engineers and developers at Samsung should be absolutely embarrassed. PUT THE VIDEO BUTTON BACK IN PRO MODE!


I compared video from the "newly updated" native app and the video from HD Camera and it's not even close! Even the image stabilization is better, and the image isn't cropped. 

I am returning my S10+ that was pre-ordered. My main reason why I was willing to give 1000€ for a phone was the video mode as I was using my S7 (which died 2 weeks ago) for YouTube videos. I decided against a video camera as I needed both - a phone and a good camera. Very dissapointed as everything else on the phone is excellent but 1000€ and only auto is just not good enough. 

Good decision I'd say. And just as an FYI, you don't even have the video and photo buttons on auto any more. Now it's just a *****y iPhone clone and you have a separate camera and video mode. SUCKS so bad...🤬

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So very true! I´m very disapointed that they removed that feature, one of the galaxy´s best!! We demand it back!

Good news for UK owners of the S9. I have had a reply from citizens advice consumer services and the short answer is they cannot remove the Pro video option legally in the UK. They have given me a number of options to persue and they have reported it to Trading standards to look into persuing it further but the bottom line is that they cannot do this and get away with it no matter how big and above the law they think they are

@Gary9 , good job!!!

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