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Pro mode video recording is missing on Android Pie for the Galaxy S9

okay i just got the android 9 update and i just notice that problem ! , i hope i did not upgrade to one ui !
please fix that soon im samsung user i don't want that look alike iphone camera

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I am in fact a member of Samsung Developer program, I depend for my Samsung related work to have the option to control basic aspects of the camera while in video mode. I am simply shocked to see the pro mode without video option!


One of the main reasons to me for upgrading to Note9 were the promised video features. Now something basic as ability to change ISO and whitebalance and shutter speed is gone. Why? What's the reasoning for this? Am I really going to have to go and pick up the ***** Huawei, which actually has a manual control video mdoe??? Has it come to this Samsung? This mistake needs to be reverted QUICKLY!!!

Absolutely unacceptable to remove video function from the pro mode, especially in 2019 where people use their phones to record videos for vlogs etc. and now all that's left is "tap to record, tap to stop". No brightness settings, no control of the ISO, focus, etc.


As a huge Samsung fan I am truly sorry to say I will not be picking up the S10 for this very reason. I was recording fantastic videos in Pro mode. Now I'm limited to videos that look like they were made on my old camcorder... Not acceptable at all and a very dumb move on Samsung's behalf. Especially for so-called "high end" 1000 euro phones.

In the meantime, is there any way for me to revert the update and go back to the old one? Or is this simply being forced on us? Again... unbelievable that they would take out such an option in 2019...
Same in the s10 plus... Very dissapointed

Check comments on here and thumbs up the one about the video record button!

Absolutely disgusting, Samsung have removed the very reason I bought this phone. Considering it was part of the ad campaign and consumer law in the UK I am seriously considering legal action for this

Saw a few about the removal of the button.

Two things - has anyone tried rolling back, and if so how did you go. 

Second  #dowhatyoucant - lets use this to get some traction here. We're all here  because we "can't" :smiling-face:

I considered rolling back, but personally my biggest use for Pro Mode video was as a dashcam at night (because the camera is awful in the day in any mode as a dashcam - it can never get the exposure or white balance right), and it turns out DailyRoads Voyager works really well. There is still ability at the app developer level to record video with custom settings.

Two things - has anyone tried rolling back, and if so how did you go. 

Second  #dowhatyoucant - lets use this to get some traction here. We're all here  because we "can't" :smiling-face: I'm sure there's people out there reading these with much better social media presence than me so let's get this out there. Maybe then they'll listen. 

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