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Pro mode video recording is missing on Android Pie for the Galaxy S9

okay i just got the android 9 update and i just notice that problem ! , i hope i did not upgrade to one ui !
please fix that soon im samsung user i don't want that look alike iphone camera


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PRO VIDEO MODE is already available again thnx to the June 2020 update.

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Updated today, and was very disappointed when I noticed no pro video mode!
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I'm also extremely annoyed that pro mode video is missing in the camera. A big step backwards.  It needs to be fixed ASAP. I use that feature all the time! How in the world is this an upgrade? I need to control ISO, focus, white balance, and exposure in video, not just in picture. Seriously what is going on? A real upgrade would be to add stuff not remove. How about adding 24 fps and longer 4K recording times. How about making the camera fullyfully compatible with Filmic Pro. Instead of trying to 'look' like an iPhone, make it 'work' like one.


By removing the Record button and option to use Volume controls for video, they have completely ruined the camera app. You can get 60fps silky smooth video in Android 8, but the Video app now records video that looks like a grainy Sony camcorder AT 30FPS. Worse than that, in fact, and the Pro screen no longer allows record but shows me the picture I used to get with the framerate I set! What on earth? They really have gimped their own camera, why are no vloggers or anyone talking about this?

Please do NOT suggest Open Camera, I have just tried everything it can do and it's the same or worse. Livid. I am going into the shop tomorrow to demand a downgrade, or I'm taking the demo model. I mean that. Livid.

Hi all,


There are a few thread about this.

I've already passed the feedback on to the R&D guys.

When I get an update I'll get back to you all.



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I agree, for a company trying to be better than Apple, I assume...... this is a bizarre step backwards. Is the S10 going to remove the 3.5mm jack? With this change, my S7 became more useful for video recording than my S9. Please bring it back ASAP.

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I have been called rude by Samsung for asking this very simple question.

This is causing stress.

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They are just buying time. They know what is the problem very well. It's pathetic to read this kind of answers. What data? You messed camera app, you know it, and you fix it!

Our two galaxy notes 9 are also impacted. The missing Pro Mode for videos prevent customers from fully enjoying one of the best features of our very expensive phones... This is quite a serious mistake which hopefully can be fixed with an update. I am just hoping this will happen fast as it could be troublesome if people cannot make memories of their upcoming holidays.


It's been three weeks since your post.


Are there any news on update?

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