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Pro mode video ONE UI


Pro mode video recording is missing on Android Pie for the Galaxy S9

okay i just got the android 9 update and i just notice that problem ! , i hope i did not upgrade to one ui !
please fix that soon im samsung user i don't want that look alike iphone camera

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Forget it, it's like pulling teeth, they aren't aware or interested.


@BackDaws that support has nothing to do with devs, most people replying there don't even know how to fix problems at all. From my experience with that support.. well it's even more useless then the forum itself, as no official devs/Samsung CEO's use them at all, they are truelly unaware of what's going on, every single update from pie forward has felt like a big nono downgrade and a buildnumber change to keep u on it, bet yah they'll change the build number to 5 once again on new update so more people keep getting stuck on them and fake "camera improvements" on those updates so people get the bait.


All i have to say, 5 months, not a single message from samsung, mods, admins, devs, ceo's about this.. 
Well this company is going to the apple stand 999€ way and keep releasing high priced phones with lower cam quall. then other lower brands.


Samsung wake up.


To everyone who's getting spammed from samsung update to do the update or having to always setting the update to update later.

There's a way to disable samsung update app by ADB, i've done it. it even removes the icon from the settings, it's amazing!
No more downgrades to me Shamesung! :face-with-tears-of-joy: :winking-face:

For Everyone who know's what u doing with ADB i'll leave the code here, always at ur own responsability obviously.

>adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 com.wssyncmldm

>adb shell pm enable-user --user 0 com.wssyncmldm

Checking everyday for updates... I own an s10+ and I'm absolutely disappointed with the video shooting of this model. Completely repentant... missing my old phone


Why samsung did this *****


I totally agree. #dowhatyoucant I rate taking away Pro Mode for video on my expensive flagship Note 9 as theft.

This I why my video focus is all to pot

I contacted them and they said that the feature was removed to implement the new UI since it was incompatible.. and that they take my complaint as feedback.... comm on...



There has to be somethign that we can do. They sold the phone with the Pro Video Feature. Im pretty sure they even fid a commercial about this. And now they remove it?? There has to be something that we can do. That can't be legal


It doesn't seem they want to fixed this issue. We need to make more complaints so they can solve this. Screenshot_20190714-225037_Chrome.jpg







A little late to the party here, but the camera's pro mode was the ONE REASON I bought this phone. Now when I shoot video, the focus and white balance constantly shift, making my video look like *****, and sometimes just unusable. Thanks Samsung!

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