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Pictures and video error

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On my S9+ My pictures and videos become inaccessible moments after they are recorded. The preview becomes an exclamation mark, when I click the videos, it gives me an: unknown error, Fail to play video. Pictures do not display.


Screenshot_20190106-064327_Video Player.jpg



Hi @ChelobizAre your pictures saved to a memory card? 


same is happening with me and yes my pics are stored in memory card. please help me to retrive my pics they are very important for me 😞 

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Same issue facing



I have this issue

My videos are haunted by a gray exclamation mark (even after switching phones AND carriers)



I made this account specifically to ask this question, so I am hoping someone can help me.

I had a Galaxy S9, one day, after taking a video of my baby instead of a video it is just a gray exclamation mark.

I couldn't do voice to text.On rare occasions, when my videos *would*work, there would be very low volume (if any).

I asked customer support and they said to do a factory reset so I did, but it was still happening.

So I changed phones AND carriers. I went from T-Mobile to AT&T and from the S9 to Samsung s20 ultra. It is still happening. Customer Service has no idea.

My husband got one of the files on his computer and got the video to play, but with no sound and it says it is 55116 minutes long for some reason.

I take the video with my WhatsApp and it will often do the same thing.

I take a video with a completely different app and it is still happening.

I do not use a memory card, so this is internal storage only for both devices.

Please help. My baby is now 3 months old and I have no videos with any audio of him except for when I managed to steal my husband's phone between work calls.

I have done a factory reset and then not used the same account as before

Same thing

Switched where I save videos

Same thing

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