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photos when viewed in gallery are not showing and can only see grey screen with exclamation mark on it

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When I take a photo or video then go to view it in gallery all I get is grey screen and exclamation mark any one else got this problem with s9



can you please explian were your pics in memory card and showing grey screen with exclamation mark is all recovered and good now? and how you did that?


I havet the same problem since a fre Days back. Hello Samsung - ett is Three no solution in the forum ?  with Photo in SD vård and or in iPhone.


All photos sexist. Van be sen så thumbnsils. Are visible 1/2 sec before being grayed-out totally or partially.


How to fix this error ?? Please advise.


Error occurs when photo or video is Saved on SD card. Is it the SD card problem or the Samsung phone?  Can Samsung do an update to fix this problem?

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I just had this happen to me today.  I spent a lot of years in computers and I found (especially living in a damp climate) that connection problems were usually the cause.  I powered off my phone, took the SD card out wiped it clean and reinserted. Works fine now. Of course the newer photos which went wonky were no good but newly shot photos now work and all the old photos are still fine.  Backed everything up..  Also all of my 8 year old memory cards for my professional video camera failed and were unusable when I took it out to record a Remembrance Day service for the local legion so beware that memory cards have life spans.  Be sure to back up your photos.

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