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OTA update fail while roaming.


So I'm not in the UK right now, and I have 19gb roaming mobile data to use.


Ran a quick manual OTA update check to see if the elusive official Pie was available yet, and I get this message saying I can only download updates using WiFi while roaming.


I don't have the luxury of WiFi where I am (on holiday camped on a volcano)  just mobile data, which I have a big allowance for.


I don't understand why I can't download updates OTA on mobile data while roaming. 


Any ideas? 


Screenshot_20190120-231936_Software update.jpg



It's usually your provider won't let you download big files on your data, but I think there is away around it ,il check and try get back to you
That would be great, thanks.

It would seen odd to let you have a big 19gb roaming data allowance, but not let you download big files with it. It should be up tome how I use that allowance.
Sorry tried getting back to you but I couldn't get to this comment, yeh but my provider wont let me download big files over data but I usually just use my wifi while its charging
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