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OneUI Beta - Nothing yet in the UK

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Is it just taking forever to trickle out to everyone on Samsung Members or is it just me?

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@SteCol1993 wrote:

How have you been able to do that?? 😱

There is a few ways to apply, this is the easiest IMO..



You can do it via ADB but that is something to difficult for some & requires a laptop with more tech knowledge. sorry..


You will need:
Samsung S9 or S9+
1x (Min) 2GB SD-CARD

Little Technical Knowhow


Lets get into how i done it..:

1. Download the on your device..(DO NOT EXTRACT)
2. Move or copy to an SD-CARD inside your device..
3. Turn phone off
4. Hold power + bixby + volumeup, only let go of power when logo apears, KEEP holding other 2 buttons..
5. Wait till you see recovery mode
6. Use volume keys to move up and down.. then select apply update from SD-CARD
7. It will then ask you to select the folder/file
8. Press power to select you downloaded earlier that is now on the SD-CARD
9. Wait for it to verify & let it restart itself..
10. Be patient as above step can take upto 15minutes


You will not lose data, all apps and files will stay on your device, but as always backup just incase..!! 

Knox warranty will not be void.. it will stay intact.. stock firmware flashed with stock recovery...


Installed on XXU for myself, worked like a charm for me, no issues at all..


Samsungs latest Members APK version is



This is to just update from a BRJ6 firmware To One UI...
Check your version in settings>software information...
If you have a BRJ3 firmware i can't promise you that this will work.
Check to see if you can update to the latest November Security Patch, im sure this gets you BRJ6..

This is just an (ALL SAFE)

I do not accept resposibilty from what you do to your device, you are held accountable for anything that may happpen.. 


I've just done it and it all seems to be working fine 😁 it even shows the beta on Samsung Members app however when clicked on it says that the device or account isn't registered with the beta program so I'm guessing that when it does get officially released for the UK (as the zipped file says that it is the beta when updated etc) then when it appears in the notices we'd be able to log in with our account etc 🙂.


Thank you guys for sharing the ripped file etc 🙂


I am on 9.0 but still nothing shows, guess i am going have to go sleep and wait...

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I have been checking the samsung members app for 2 days and still nothing.


I wonder when this beta will be released, anyone got anything show in the samsung members app yet?




Where can I find this file? 😂


Members app server has gone down. Question is why? 


It's been 3 days now 😕


@MartynG96 wrote:

Where can I find this file? 😂

S9+ (SM-G965F)!ZQZAzCCT!65m6DyYyykZfQHJ_BarJe-UZ_ioYZg4O--4527BSCrU
S9 PLUS version.


S9 (SM-G960F)!gERiSKZD!jJx6Bxm1GRYiXSC0tdcyH-kc76FBq-M3dIQq3SzeojE
S9 NOT PLUS version.


This is a joke


I'm guessing still no official UK beta release yet??.


I'm not sticking up for Samsung but I've been thinking, maybe they've postponed the beta because they had some big reports from the USA release etc and postponed our one until beta phase two when they've attempted the fix the issues from beta phase 1??

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