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OneUI Beta - Nothing yet in the UK

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Is it just taking forever to trickle out to everyone on Samsung Members or is it just me?

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shouldnt need to be, its not mentiones in the terms on the beta...

@Umbrokhan wrote:

Samsung Galaxy S9 beta in UK should have come today.
tried Samsung Member app click on Notes, and found nothing.

I Can't Register Product in Samsung Members app

The Firmware is EE Network...does it have to be Factory Unlocked?


Jamie Warren

So glad I did sleep now 😂 would have been one moody mudda by now. 


did you register your phone?


US was the first ones to get android Pie follwed by Germany 2nd.

someone ask the Germany and US  community how they got Android Pie Beta

ask them do we have to register our phone on Samsung Member app and do we need a factory unlocked phone or unlocked firmware (BTU) 


Needs to be factory unlocked device, not on a carrier & signed into Samsung members app.


Just have to sign of it yet in UK.

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It defininitely has to be BTU - i.e. not locked to a network.


I got my phone from Carphone warehouse (bought outright) and then signed up to a sim only Vodafone deal, so that should qualify me for the beta? My device is registered and I'm signed in on the Samsung member's app, nothing under notices yet - 20th is almost over!


Anything yet

I don't have any new notice on the members app


No I've got nothing myself and when I spoke to a member from Samsung at like 8 this morning they said the check every hour as they don't have a precise time of the release 😑


No nothing. I've been checking all day.

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