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OneUI Beta - Nothing yet in the UK

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Is it just taking forever to trickle out to everyone on Samsung Members or is it just me?

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How would I go about changing to the uk version, I side loaded mine will I have to switch back to the previous version to get the one ui official update??

So I can't categorically say as I haven't received an OTA update yet.  You can downgrade using Odin (I haven't used this before) and then sign up again or do what I did and sideload the latest 2 versions  (you have to do them in order), see link below.


Will repeat still yet to receive OTA  update though, but that might be because there isn't a newer version 

How would I go about changing to the UK version, would I have to switch back to normal os then put one ui on officially? Or can I side load the uk version on??

Can you put the link to the uk version on here? So I can update from the sd card again, would this work??

ZRKA was just the initial beta software that wasn't released to the UK, ZRKN is just an update to that. If you search around in that XDA link you should be able to get the updates and sideload via sd card or adb

If I was to sideload the update, is there a risk of damaging the phone or should it be okay 

Should be fine, you're not 'flashing' youre just installing it a different way to the usual (OTA). 

That's my understanding, I may be wrong so always worth double checking

I've pressed the link its telling me that the key is incorrect 

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