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OneUI Beta - Nothing yet in the UK

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Is it just taking forever to trickle out to everyone on Samsung Members or is it just me?

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I have registered but can't actually download the software yet, will give it a bit then head back to software update. Just going to back up a few essentials

I have registered but had already sideloaded the software - however the options in the 'OneUi' area of the members app now work which is promising :smiling-face:
It only takes a couple of mins. I'm currently downloading now

Nice - My patch level is 1st Nov 2018 so hopefully that's the latest and will update normally in future!

Yes! I've finally registered 

YAAAAY finally it's officially released in the UK 😂 about time 😂.


Yeah mines showing the same as yours Mtm1401

Shows up 10 minutes after registering

@BandOfBrothers wrote:

It should drop into the Samsung Members App sometimes today when I assume the Samsung Servers push it out. 


I'm not using a s9 or s9+ so cannot join however as it would be my main phone, FMovies YesMovies SolarMovie and I need stability I wouldn't put it on my daily driver. 


Looking forward to hearing all feedback from you guys testing out the Beta.   :smiling-face:




to be honest been looking forward to this beta programme



Is my phone getting beta one ui 

I've still not been able to update yet even though I've registered 3hrs ago20181128_132712.jpg


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