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OneUI Beta - Nothing yet in the UK

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Is it just taking forever to trickle out to everyone on Samsung Members or is it just me?

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@SteCol1993 wrote:

I'm guessing still no official UK beta release yet??.


I'm not sticking up for Samsung but I've been thinking, maybe they've postponed the beta because they had some big reports from the USA release etc and postponed our one until beta phase two when they've attempted the fix the issues from beta phase 1??

I´m using the official german beta version (released 19.11). There are no "big" bugs, so this can not be the reason. 

Oh right, in that case then this twues the ***** 😂😂

Oh right, in that case then this takes the ***** 😂😂

Okay guys got some potential good news, I just spoke to someone from Samsung on the live chat and well this is the whole conversation I had with them.Screenshot_20181126-111101_Samsung Members.jpg


Screenshot_20181126-111112_Samsung Members.jpg


Screenshot_20181126-111117_Samsung Members.jpg


Screenshot_20181126-111122_Samsung Members.jpg


Screenshot_20181126-111128_Samsung Members.jpg


Screenshot_20181126-111131_Samsung Members.jpg




Let's wait and see, I have the same phone and nothing at the moment. Let's be honest don't have the greatest faith in Samsung Support

Nope nothing as of yet but if you got you phone from O2 it is unlocked already 

Anybody got anything yet? I am sick of checking  

GET ON IT!!!!!!GET ON IT!!!!!!




It's actually there...

Finally!!!!! Cheers
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