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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.


Hi all.


Worth having a check in Samsung Members > Notices for stuff on the One UI/Pie release.


Screenshots from a UK Note9 sent to me by a hero (or two) in the office today:





image016.jpg  image017.jpg image018.jpg


  image019.jpg  image023.jpg image024.jpg



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No. They mean in Oreo you could double tap the left of the nav bar to hide it then swipe up to show all the buttons.

hi, yes i know that but i want to have it like in the previous version, where it was hidden and you swipped up to show the bar. i dont want the "hidden" bar so you have to guess where to swip or the always "on" bar. It makes the phone almost like the s6 with just the buttons on it.,

I dont think its possible, either gestures or show the nav bar always
I'm still waiting for android pie

Hi, I've still not received the one ui. I have an s9 dual sim bought from Amazon unlocked. With an ee and a gamma sim in the phone.

My security patch update is still August. 


Any ideas when I might receive it?

Wayne63 you need to activate Developer options on settings after you have Three options for night mod screen: Automatic, Always on, Alway off.
First go to Settings then click on Software Information, Now on▶️ BUILD NUMBER ◀️Here you have to click several times in a row quickly until you get screen information(Developer Option unlocked)
Now go back to setting again and scroll down, now you have Developer Option, click there and after on developer Options you see: Night Mode
click there and you have option to activate: Automatic, Always on, Always off
Be careful not to change other things in this screen (Developer options) Unless you know what you're doing 😜
Me too I have s9 dual from Amazon 3 network

Finally got my One UI update on Vodafone UK locked.... soo happy!!!!!!

Done my One UI update this afternoon, nice clean look. It'll take some getting used to. I don't like the new nav buttons, preferred the old style. This "gesture" thing is terrible and the fixed buttons on the screen are just horrific!! That is the only thing I would change about the update if I could.

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I know that some of you  complained that after the update the battery usage got worse but mine actually got a lot better.

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