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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.


Hi all.


Worth having a check in Samsung Members > Notices for stuff on the One UI/Pie release.


Screenshots from a UK Note9 sent to me by a hero (or two) in the office today:





image016.jpg  image017.jpg image018.jpg


  image019.jpg  image023.jpg image024.jpg



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Hi. I think they have changed the way wifi calling works on this update. I'm on ee with a unlocked s9+ and I notice in my house I rarely ever have WiFi calling now (was there all the time on oreo), instead it stays on Volte. I suspect its because I have a strong 4g signal. If I force the phone to use 3g only (removing volte) it connects and stays connected to WiFi calling in my house.

What is the Volte icon or am I being dense which ain't nothing new

I have found a solution which work for our phones.

I turn off the VoLTE in the settings and the WiFi calling start working instantly.

I turn the VoLTE on again and the WiFi calling stays on.

Just one thing I notice is if you turn the WiFi off and on again it takes more time for WiFi calling to turn on than with the Oreo.

Hope it will work for others as well.


 i got my phone back today and it has one ui installed on it!


On Pie from this morning S9+ ...on ee 👁👁

Soon everyone will receive, no need to be sad
Still nothing on vodafone uk, January my *****

Ha they really don't care 


Seems like everyone else in the world got it, but not vodafone uk. They said January, why say it if they didn't mean it? Lots of other vodafone regions have it so what's the problem?


I have 3 ireland  and not update 

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