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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.


Hi all.


Worth having a check in Samsung Members > Notices for stuff on the One UI/Pie release.


Screenshots from a UK Note9 sent to me by a hero (or two) in the office today:





image016.jpg  image017.jpg image018.jpg


  image019.jpg  image023.jpg image024.jpg



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Must be getting closer guys! Nordic countries released.Screenshot_20190115-111839_Chrome.jpg


I'm really hoping it's today, we have been waiting long enough

Yet nothing for Uk S9/Note 9 clearly premium devices Samsung!

Samsung S20 Ultra 5g 512gb (returned to EE)
Samsung Galaxy watch 4g 42mm
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In not getting my hopes up just yet probably not be out today😂🤞

100% not give us today maybe next week or end of the month

Just proves whoever said it was out today at 12 is talking **** yet again people lying to people on the community, apparently got leaked by someone in Samsung but couldn't prove it 

I just don't get why we have to wait so log, almost feels like an insult if I'm honest. Getting a flagship phone yet we are waiting well over a month for the latest software update while other countries around the world are reciveing the update, even the Note series which was due to get their version in February!

Screenshot_20190115-121640_Samsung Internet.jpg


Screenshot_20190115-121650_Samsung Internet.jpg


Screenshot_20190115-121652_Samsung Internet.jpg



Lol :smiling-face:
So bullsh*t answers then. Yes if your phone is locked to a carrier then what they've said is right, that it will be up to carriers to release the update when they're ready. I have an unlocked phone bought from with an O2 SIM card so the answer they've provided doesn't explain it for unlocked devices. P*sstake
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